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CMC Wind
CMC Wind
Harnessing the earth's air flow for sustainable, clean power may seem like a breeze, but the forces these large- and small-scale components are subjected to can be extreme. But engineering components to withstand such environments are only part of the equation; they must also produce power efficiently and be cost-effective to manufacture. CMC leverages our proven cross-market insights—spanning power generation, medical, and commercial sectors—to help ensure your well-engineered, cost-effective components meet your demands for quality and accuracy, guaranteeing they perform as intended.

CMC understands how critical accuracy, quality, and cost-effectiveness are to the success of your large- and small-scale components. Our manufacturing capacity, guided by our quality assurance programs, help ensure your engineered designs are executed to your exact specifications, and verify the strength, stability, reliability, and effectiveness of the finished component. Additionally, because all of the production is performed at a single facility, we are able to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, delivering solutions that are on time and on budget.

Component capabilities include:

  • Nacelle Mounting Rings
  • Thrust Bearing Rings
  • Yaw Bearings
  • Gear Box Housings
  • Large Precision Flanges