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CMC Solar Vacuum Chambers
Vacuum Chambers for Solar
Scientists and engineers continue to find solutions that improve the viability of solar power generation—some large, some small. Regardless of the size, having a manufacturing partner capable of quality, cost-effective production process can help bring them closer to their goals. CMC is capable of manufacturing components that support the efforts of the solar industry, including large- and small-scale vacuum chambers which can be utilized in the production of thin film solar materials such as Amorphous-silicon (a-Si) and CIGs.

CMC is capable of leveraging cross-market insights and experience, as well as broad production capacity, to manufacture sophisticated vacuum chambers for the solar industry. Our professionals can efficiently and effectively perform every step of the manufacturing process on-site—from processing and fabrication to assembly and final testing. Additionally, our quality assurance programs can ensure that your finished large- and small-scale solar vacuum chambers meet your engineered design's specifications for quality, safety, and effectiveness. CMC can deliver full-scale manufacturing solutions for your solar vacuum chamber needs that keep your projects on time and within budget.

Component capabilities include:

  • HEM Sapphire Processing Equipment
  • Dual-walled, water-cooled chambers
  • High Temperature Furnaces
  • CVD Vacuum Chambers