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CMC Solar
As the global demand for alternative sources of reliable, renewable energy and technologies continues to grow, engineers throughout the solar and LED sectors work diligently to enhance the quality and performance of the current technologies in place. They also work to develop new approaches and technologies that have significant implications on the viability of these green energy options. CMC is helping to advance the science and engineering of solar power and LED technologies, fabricating tools and equipment that help companies produce more efficient, effective, and reliable solar and LED technologies at a significantly reduced cost.

CMC has the large- and small-scale component production capacity to fabricate and machine solar and LED processing tools, vessels, and chambers that meet your demands for accuracy, quality, and cost. Used in the production of poly-Si ingots, HEM Sapphire crystals, and Thin Films such as a-Si and CIGs, these solar and LED processing vessels and tools must meet the tightest tolerances for quality and safety, and withstand intense pressures and temperatures. Utilizing their fabrication and machining experience, our professionals manufacture solar processing vessels and HEM Sapphire equipment that meet your stringent specifications, delivering turnkey solutions that perform reliably, effectively, and efficiently.

Component capabilities include:

  • High Temperature Furnaces
  • CVD Vacuum Chambers
  • Structural Assemblies for Laminators or Stringers
  • HEM Sapphire Equipment