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CMC Small Industry
CMC Small-Scale Component Manufacturing
Pressures to reduce capital costs and improve efficiency are prompting big advancements—advancements that may actually be smaller in size. Ensuring you get manufacturing consistency regardless of size requires full-scale production expertise and capacity, delivering small-scale components—as well as large—accurately, effectively, and reliably.

CMC is able to deliver cost-effective solutions for manufacturing the small-scale components that support the solar, wind, nuclear, and medical sectors, as well as commercial industries. Our capacity includes programs to ensure constant project management and on-time delivery of your finished components. Additionally, our quality assurance program helps guarantee that your engineered design is adhered to, delivering small-scale components that meet the tolerances and specifications you need. Leveraging our proven, cross-market insights, CMC ensures quality components that work reliably, effectively, and safely.

Small-Scale Component Manufacturing Services

  • Quality Assurance
  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Assembly & Finishing
  • Inspection Analysis