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CMC Power Generation
CMC Power Generation
As the power generation market continues to evolve, engineers develop improved technologies—finding ways to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. The challenge then lies in ensuring these attributes are retained during full-scale manufacturing; too many steps to the production or failing to adhere to the design's required tolerance could result in reduced efficiency and increased costs, at the very least. Our cross-market experience and versatile capacity helps you avoid the pitfalls, offering full-scale manufacturing services that ensure the accuracy, quality, and cost you need.

CMC specializes in the manufacturing of both large- and small-scale components and equipment for demanding power generation sectors, including wind, solar, and nuclear. We understand the unique challenges these sectors face, such as the harsh environments, rigorous applications, and stringent regulations. Our experienced personnel deliver production solutions—regardless of the component size—that meet your design requirements, and can exceed your expectations for quality, accuracy, and price.

Power Generation Sectors Served:

  • Nuclear
  • Solar/LED
  • Wind