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CMC Operations
CMC Operations
With experience and insights spanning the challenging wind, solar, nuclear, medical, and commercial markets—as well as complete production resources, including one of the world's largest forges—CMC delivers quality, cost-effective manufacturing solutions that address your large- and small-scale component challenges. Our operations have access to a complete array of processing, fabrication, and manufacturing technologies, as well as testing equipment and systems, that allow us to deliver fully finished solar, wind, nuclear, and medical components that meet the tolerances and specifications your engineering designs demand.

CMC Shop Capability Summary Download PDF
Name Specifications Quantity
Hydraulic forging machine (up to 50 tons) THP10-4500  
Ring rolling machine (up to 6300mm diameter) D53K-6500  
Into and out of feeder (up to 15 tons) RLJ-20  
Forging manipulator (up to 50 tons) RCH500  
Furnace chamber 3500mm x 4500mm -3
High-temperature furnace car 3500mm x 10000mm -2
High-temperature furnace car 3500mm x 8000mm  
High-temperature furnace car 4500mm x 6000mm  
Heat treatment furnace 6500mm x 15000mm  
Double column vertical lathe Q1Z-026 4  
CNC horizontal lathe C61250×12140  
CNC machine tools CWF61220 2200*4 -2
Horizontal lathe D1000mm x 2500mm -11
CNC horizontal lathe CK61180 x 4000mm  
CNC horizontal lathe CK61180 x 4000mm  
Vertical lathe D3150mm x 2000mm  
Vertical lathe D2500mm x 2000mm -2
Vertical lathe D6300mm x 3000mm -2
Cylindrical grinder 1800mm x 10000mm  
Cylindrical grinder 1600mm x 6000mm -2
Deep hole drilling machine L=3400mm  
Deep hole drilling machine L=3000mm  
CNC laser cutting machine 3000 x 1500  
Large CNC plasma cutting machine (up to 60mm thick stainless) MCD0412 4000 x 12000  
Four roller bending machine CDW12 - 60 x 2500mm  
GB4270 Saw (700mm cutting diameter)   -2
GB42120 Saw (1200mm cutting diameter)   -2
GB42140 Saw (1400mm cutting diameter)    
GB42160 Saw (1600mm cutting diameter)    
Automatic welding frame QLH -2
Auto flip desk KT-80T -5
Plate edge milling machine XB  
Digital boring and milling machine TX6216A  
Small machine center (various)    
Carbon dioxide/MAG automatic welding machine AUTO XC-500 -3
CNC plasma welding MASTER MLS 2500  
Pulsed MIG welding K-ARC 508  
Double wire welding machine DDP TANDEM  
Auto angle welding machine CW-2  
Arc welding machine ZX3-250 -20
Mobile metal analysis spectrometer TXC25  
Brinell Rockwell & Vickers optical hardness tester HBRVU-187.5  
Frequency plasma infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer HH2000N  
Hydraulic universal testing machine WE-300A  
Semi-automatic impact testing machine JB-300B  
Low-temperature impact test slot (-80°C, +/- 0.5°C accuracy) DWC-80  
Ultrasonic flaw detector (5000mm maximum thickness) PXUT-350+ -3
Phase microscope 4XC  
Leeb hardness tester HLN-11A  
Impact test projector CST-50  
Electric broaching VU-2D  
721 spectrometer    
Helium mass spectrometer     
Leak detector ZQJ-530  
X-ray detector (max thickness 16mm) XYQ-2505  
X-ray detector XXH-2005