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CMC Inspection Analysis sm
CMC Inspection Analysis

The large- and small-scale components utilized by demanding industries, such as solar, LED, wind, nuclear, medical, and commercial, are exposed to some of the most extreme temperatures, pressures, and caustic environments possible. This means your manufacturer has to deliver confidence—in addition to capacity and cost—ensuring your components work safely, reliably, and dependably. The inspection analysis department at CMC delivers that assurance, guaranteeing your components have the structural strength, durability, and stability you and your industry demand.

Our inspection analysis department performs a series of tests and inspections to ensure your large- and small-scale components will withstand the challenging environments and applications they were designed for. Performing everything from visual inspections to pressure and vacuum tests, our inspection analysis department verifies the quality, accuracy, strength, and stability of your components, ensuring that all of your specifications have been met and that your finished components perform the way they were engineered to.

NDE and inspection services include:

Liquid Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Ultrasonic Inspection Testing
Radiographic Examination Testing
Hardness (Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers) Testing
Tensile Strength Testing
Helium Leak Testing
Hydrostatic Testing