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CMC Cleantech
CMC Cleantech
As the world works to find better, cleaner, greener energy solutions, the potential of Cleantech sector continues to grow. Engineers, researchers, and scientists continue to improve upon deigns and explore new ideas, finding better ways to generate more power while reducing capital cost. CMC has the full-scale manufacturing capacity to make these ideas viable, with cost-effective solutions for the market's large- and small-scale component challenges.

CMC has assembled proven, cross-market experience and insights, along with full-scale manufacturing capacity, to produce the sophisticated large- and small-scale components that support the Cleantech sector. With every step of the manufacturing process performed on-site, we eliminate the need for any outsourcing services, thereby reducing overall production costs. Additionally, because we understand the extreme forces, temperatures, and pressures components in this market must endure, CMC ensures the tolerances and specifications of your engineered designs are adhered to, delivering components and equipment that are durable, reliable, and effective.

Component capabilities include:

  • Vacuum and Pressure Vessels for Various Material Production
  • Processing Chambers for Cleantech Applications